Antidot Fluid Topics – Solving tomorrow’s problems today

Ever since participating in a seminar for deriving insights from documentation through analytics, I’ve become very interested in Fluid Topics, a dynamic delivery platform for technical content by Antidot.

Founder Fabrice Lacroix is what I’d describe as a futurist. Not only has he recognized that technical writers want to know if they are meeting end-user needs quickly, but also that writers want to be able to measure their success. With the real-time analytics in Fluid Topics, you can see which help topics are working and which are not. Then, you can prove your value to the entire organization. No more guessing. End-users and writers both win.

In Lacroix’s latest webinar, he’s tackled how technical writers can work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Language (ML) to solve tomorrow’s problems. While most of us are mired in today’s problems, he has a solution that’s both thought provoking and practical. While I could go into detail about the topic, Lacroix does a much better job. You can watch it on YouTube.

Other futurists have predicted the end of the technical writing industry as AI and ML will replace technical writers. That is consistent with my view that end-users only turn to document after they’ve exhausted all other means (such as, asking friends or even Siri). But Lacroix has given me hope that technical writers not only can coexist with AI/ML, but also thrive.


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